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We provide real-time and near real-time energy monitoring and web visualization.

'Its the knowledge you need to control your budget.'

You can view the live performance of any energy system remotely, whether you are at home, in your office, or on the road.

Performance Based Incentive Monitoring

Revenue grade meters certified by the California Energy Commission are available.

Maintain Your System

rMeter™ quick alerts help identify problems. Troubleshoot from a web browser.

Build Public Awareness

Feature your rMeter™ data that confirms your environmental commitment.

Educate Your Staff

Build staff awareness of current electrical costs to stimulate an "electricity saving frame of mind". Compare energy used with energy produced by your solar installation. 

Flexible Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor solar irradiance, power generated, power used, power purchased in dollars, kWh, carbon dioxide avoided, and barrels of oil equivalent. 

View From Anywhere

Access your data in real time from any web browser. Graphs can be put on your own website. Raw data can be downloaded for your own analysis.


The rMeter™ Energy Monitoring System provides up-to-the minute information about your energy production and/or your energy consumption. Your data is available on our website for viewing from any web browser.

Solar output is regularly and systematically compared with solar irradiance to provide early warning of solar system problems, if any.

Every rMeter™ Energy Monitoring System follows a pattern of similar components and data, but no two are identical. Because each solar installation is unique, rMeter™ is custom designed to meet your requirements.

rMeter™ Real Time is a Windows application that can show progress second by second in a variety of formats and configurations.

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