These are some of the components that go into a typical data monitoring installation, including optional items such as wireless communication and a display kiosk.

All data is stored on a central server with backup. Data is collected by the data logger and periodically pushed to the server, where it may be public or password protected. Database configuration is web-based and can be accomplished remotely by our technicians.

Data Logger Device

The data logger is the on-site brains. It collects the data, and periodically (typically every fifteen minutes) transmits it to the central server.

Metering Clamps

Meters are clamped around the electrical cabling and can measure a variety of factors related to the electrical circuit, including the amount, typically measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), of electricity passing through the cable. The meters are polled by the data logger, which stores the measurements for later transmission.

Meters can be used to measure energy produced as well as energy consumed. Some sites measure both of these, and some measure more than one of each.

Environmental Monitoring

Weather information measured includes wind speed and direction and temperature. Weather information is useful, but less critical than energy data, and not all installations include weather.

Local Kiosk

Some clients choose to display their rMeter™ information on-site to inform their employees and clients about their commitment to energy independence. This is an example of a self contained display station.

Wireless Example

Most sites can be connected to an available wired Ethernet network, but if no such simple solution is present, rMeter™ will install the infrastructure to connect the site to the Internet.


The rMeter™ Alert system depends on the comparison between solar energy received and the amount of electricity produced in a given time period. The device used to measure solar energy received is a solarimeter.

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