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rMeter™ was begun because of the need for information to support our solar powered uninterruptible power supply that provides approximately 20 hours of reserve power to our eight web servers, as well as contributing to daily energy needs. At about the same time we got involved in the Solarquest Galapagos and ElectroRoof projects, each with energy monitoring needs. rMeter™ was originally designed and developed to meet these needs.


Our mission is to increase energy awareness, and thereby decrease the waste of this life necessity. We also recognize the problems with carbon based energy sources and promote the transition to solar.


Loren Kallevig Photo Loren Kallevig

Loren is so often known as Kal, it seems necessary to note they are the same person. Perhaps it was his childhood on a farm that gave him his love of solving problems. His solid business background (California CPA, 1972) combines with wide ranging technical knowledge to bring a unique perspective on the Internet and business process.

Kal is a co-founder of HomeOpenly, Inc. and of the stock photo site FeaturePics.com, the source for the photos on the rMeter home page.


Kal was responsible for most of the technical implementation for the rMeter software, and remains actively involved with technology and marketing.


Ron Swenson Photo Ron Swenson

Since graduating from Stanford University in 1968, Ron has co-developed numerous technology ventures in arease as diverse as third world telecenters and computer security. Most of these ventures have the common theme of Energy Conservation. Ron has long been a leader in promoting energy conservation and alternatives to oil. To that end he founded, designed, and implemented EnergyCrisis.com, as well as numerous other websites.


Ron was responsible for most of the technical specifications for the rMeter product, and remains actively involved with technology and marketing.

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